The Best Mattress Toppers to Buy For Winter: Best Product Reviews

The Best Mattress Toppers to Buy For Winter: Best Product Reviews
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  • The Best Mattress Toppers to Buy For Winter: Best Product Reviews

    Winter is coming.

    Well, it’s still a couple of months away, to be exact, but the weather’s certainly been cooling down lately. And if, for the past couple of years, you’ve been freezing in your bed every time winter comes around, maybe it’s time to do something about it right now in preparation of the upcoming episodes of frigid weather.

    A best mattress topper will be great in this case. It can drastically improve your sleeping experience not just by conserving your body heat and keeping you warm through the night, a good mattress topper will also provide your body with the support and comfort it needs to stay healthy.

    But since we’re talking about the top mattress toppers to hunker down in the winter today, we will focus on the warmest toppers you can buy.

    TEXARTIST Cooling Mattress Topper


    The TEXARTIST mattress topper is stuffed with a material the company termed “4D spiral fiber.” Besides providing you with a cushy sleeping surface and relieving aches and pains from your pressure points, the special stuffing has also been noted by customers to have excellent breathability since the material traps air really well inside of the mattress.

    The pillow top is made from 400 TC combed cotton, which is great at ventilating sweat and moisture. Furthermore, the cotton material also improves breathability even more.

    The built quality is excellent. It has a deep pocket design to firmly grip mattresses up to 21-inch in size. The polygon-and-stream pattern that this best topper for bed is woven in can do a wonderful job at preventing the quilt from shifting around.

    The thing about this mattress topper is that it has been noted to be warmer than other toppers. While this mattress topper will be perfect for winter, unless you sleep hot, it can become a concern once the weather warms back up. Keep that in mind.

    The TEXARTIST mattress topper is machine-washable. It also has wrinkle-resistant and quick drying capabilities to make maintenance easier and less of a hassle.

    ExceptionalSheets Cooling Mattress Pad with Extra Plush Rayon from Bamboo Topper


    The ExceptionalSheets cooling mattress pad is yet another high quality mattress topper to consider for winter.

    It has a cover made from bamboo-derived plush rayon and it is stuffed with Revoloft, which is a kind of special hypoallergenic stuffing that has a nice, goose feather-like feel. The backing is made from a blend of 30% cotton and 70% polyester and the skirt is a 76% polyester - 16% nylon - 8% spandex blend.

    All of these materials are super comfortable, breathable, and durable. The hypoallergenic property of the stuffing is a plus for people who are allergic and get rashes at night. The ExceptionalSheets mattress pad is known for being very warm, however. Just like the TEXARTIST mattress pad, though this is a plus during winter when every bit of body heat is highly appreciated, this can be a problem in summer. Unless you sleep hot, you may have to buy a second, more breathable and cooler highest rated mattress topper to prepare later on for the hotter days of the year.

    It is machine-washable, but make sure to use the most delicate cycle available.


    We hope that this Best Mattress Topper Reviews has answered many questions you have about how to stay warm and comfy in the cold nights. Any of the two aforementioned best mattress toppers will do the job. But like we mentioned, although all of them are great at keeping warm, they’re not all that great at cooling down. So while you’re at it, we recommend you to also check out our reviews of cool, hot-weather mattress pads.


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